Carlo Volponi

Since April 1, 1963, we have been producing self-adhesive label rolls. The first headquarters of Carlo Volponi SA was established in Lugano-Paradiso, where Mr. Carlo Volponi acquired a small printing machine from Kiess und Gerlach, manufactured around the 1930s-1940s. In 1967, the company relocated to Noranco, equipped with two printing machines dedicated to the production of commercial prints.

In 1977, the company moved once again, this time to Lugano-Besso. Recognizing the emerging challenges in the commercial print market, the company made a strategic decision to shift its complete focus towards the production of self-adhesive labels on rolls. To support this transition, the company invested in two lwasaki machines.

Since 1987, the company has been located in Bioggio at Via della Posta 34. It occupies an area of 787 m2 and employs 17 people. Since 1993, it has been run by Sandro, the current owner and son of Carlo Volponi.

Philosophy and Values

With over 30 years of experience working alongside my father, the principles of business management remain crucial. Our success is attributed to the excellent quality of work carried out by our dedicated employees, a vital aspect for prestigious companies.

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